Last weekend was a special time at Liberty.
On Saturday our Sleep in Heavenly Peace mission project had a bed build where we took lumber and made parts for 30 beds.  This event took place in our parking lot that faces Highway 62.  We had many volunteers who came to make this event possible.  We already have 15-20 children who need beds now.  We are enlisting persons who can help with these deliveries.  Everyone who goes on a bed delivery is truly touched by the joyous reception of the children.  I hope you will sign up and go with us sometime soon.                                                                  
Then, Sunday we celebrated Easter with the largest crowd we have had since COVID-19 hit.  Everyone was very respectful and people were able to be safe as they worshipped.  I hope that if you have not been church since this pandemic started, that you will attend this Sunday as we celebrate God’s love together.  If you are a little concerned about how many people are in the service, start out by attending on Sunday nights.  The group is smaller and you will be glad you came.  We are told to worship the Lord with others (Psalm 100).  Let’s honor the Lord by being present in His house this Sunday.  
Thanks for listening,
Pastor Paul Frick